ABP - Always Be Pivoting

I hate the word “pivot”, in relation to the direction of companies. The fact of the matter is that it has become synonymous with “last-ditch effort” when the real story is that pivots should be a regular occurrence within a company.

As I was sitting with Bart the other day, talking about FullContact he mentioned that he had similar feelings and it made me realize that people simply have the wrong idea of the word and what it really means.

If you walked down the street every day, and every single day you tripped on the same crack, wouldn’t you move? If you went to work and did the same task each day without having any success, wouldn’t you change your tactic?

Why do we expect companies to be any different?

A pivot doesn’t have to be a complete 180 (or even 90) degree turn away from the current path. When your data finds that something is working or not working, the pivot is what you do to turn toward or away from your findings. As my friend Kate says - “Data must always trump your gut, but your gut has to be allowed to challenge data.”

I’ll close with this - Don’t fear the word pivot, no matter where it comes from. Whether it’s a board member, a customer or a tech blog, they will all have different ideas of what’s best for your business. The challenge to you is to figure out whether the pivots you’re taking are aiming you toward a smooth surface or the broken path.


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