I’ve Joined Eligible

I don’t remember how I first met Katelyn Gleason, but I definitely remember our conversation. I was working at The Next Web and Katelyn had built this application called Eligible. It helped people navigate the murky waters of insurance coverage. I remember thinking at the time that, based on my experience in healthcare, an API form of Eligible would be amazing.

Then they built it. And it is amazing.

Fast forward a few years. I’ve stayed in touch with Katelyn, chatting back and forth about building businesses, the healthcare industry and other random topics. I’ve seen her take Eligible through Y Combinator, watched as the business grew and all along my admiration of Eligible and its CEO grew.

Screenshot on 9.14.2015 at 9.59.00 AM.png

Over the past few weeks, Kat and I talked a couple of times about me doing some freelance work for the company. But in one of the conversations she made an off-hand comment that she’d eventually convince me to work for them full-time. I’ve thought a lot about that talk and I’ve realized that I needed to find a way to make it happen.

Sometimes in life you have to go get what you want. In this case, I emailed Kat and laid out my plan for building the voice of Eligible through content and social marketing, as well as managing corporate communications. I told her in no uncertain terms why I wanted to work for Eligible. Four minutes later I got a reply telling me that I was hired.

I was floored.

In my opinion, Eligible is one of the most exciting companies in the world. It is tackling massive problems and providing instant results. Oh, and it’s doing all of that without a marketing or sales department (though we’re in the process of changing that right now).

So the question isn’t why I’d want to work for Eligible, but rather why I wouldn’t want to.

I’ll still be keeping a couple of my freelance clients that I’ll handle on my own time. As my friend Mike Maney noted, working with different companies helps to keep the mind sharp. But my day to day life started looking a lot different as of 6am today when I had to get up and start developing a plan because I was too excited to sleep.

That’s a very good sign.


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