I #BlameDrewsCancer for Telling Me I’m Fat


The guy on the left there? That’s my friend Drew. He has cancer.


And when I say friend, I don’t mean “we’re friends on Facebook”. We are, but he’s also a real friend. I miss talking to him when we don’t chat for a while, I want to know what’s up in his life, etc. We’re friends. In the very literal sense of the word.

Drew is helping to raise awareness for BeTheMatch.com and hoping that he can maybe find a donor for his own cure in the process. But I know Drew, and even if he didn’t find a donor, if he got 1 more person to sign up to be a donor, he’d be happy.

So I went, and I signed up. I entered all of the information and got myself ready to order a kit to be screened.

Then BAM! I got told by a website that I was too fat to be a bone marrow donor.

I’m too fat to help save my friend’s life.

What a kick in the junk that was.

I’ve always had problems with my weight, but I’ve specifically always had problems with the BMI standard, because my body type doesn’t work very well with it. I’ve done the water displacement tests and all the other silly things that they do when you don’t fit the BMI test standards. I know that I’m not actually as fat as the BMI readout says that I am, but that doesn’t matter. I’m still dramatically overweight, and I’ve been too lazy to do anything about it.

So today I’m blaming Drew’s cancer for not only telling me that I’m fat, but also for making me get off my butt to do something about it. Not only because I want to get healthier, but also because I want to be able to help my friend.

My wife has begged me for years to get more active. My doctor has told me that I need to do the same. I’ve done my very best to ignore them, obviously. But I can’t ignore them, or cancer, or a website any longer.

Drew, you’re going to beat cancer. And I’m going to beat my lack of motivation. I love you, brother. And I thank you for helping me to make a change.


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