Science vs Faith

“You’re a Christian. So you don’t believe in science.”

This was actually said to me. Maybe not verbatim, but the sentiment was the same. To top it off, it’s been said not just once, but literally so many times that I can’t be bothered to keep count.

Here’s the thing - Generally speaking, there are two groups of people who call themselves Christians. You have the group that denounces everything even remotely related to science, be that evolution, the “Big Bang” theory or whatever else. Then you have the group that is (arguably) sane. I fall into the latter.

I do believe in evolution. Perhaps not in every way that you do. But it’s impossible to deny that evolution of species exists. We have irrefutable evidence. My favorite is the Mexican Tetra. It’s actually two versions of the same fish. The ones that live in the caves have no eyes, because they don’t need them. The ones that don’t live in caves do have eyes because they’re necessary.

There’s the group of Christians who believe that the earth can’t possibly be more than around 6,000 years old. They’ve been dubbed the Young Earth Creationists. I tend to believe that they’re taking things a bit too literally. If you’re going to look at the wonders of God and freely admit that you can’t explain all of them, then you have to be equally ready to admit that you don’t understand everything about the world in which we live, and you have to be accepting of the very real risk that you might be completely wrong.

I’m also in the group of people who will love my fellow human regardless of their sexual orientation. It’s not my job to judge them. It’s my job to love them.

I’m sure I’ll be lambasted for so publicly expressing my beliefs, and that’s OK too. I was never promised that it would be an easy life to be a Christian. I think it’s highly unfortunate that religion has so jealously overtaken the true meaning of Christianity.

There is absolutely an intersection where Christianity and science can peacefully coexist. There is room in my heart and in my church to love people who don’t feel the same about me. At the end of it all, if I’m wrong in my belief, then I’ve simply lived by a guideline that has challenged me to be a better person when I otherwise might not have. But to me, the very fact that we’ve been able to figure out science, the smell of a fresh-cut lawn, the ability to love to the point that it hurts, the miracles of medicine…these are all reason enough for me to keep my faith right where it is. Firmly planted at the intersection.


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