The Freedom in Letting Go

It’s 1am on a Friday morning. For the first time in longer than I care to remember, I am not afraid.

After losing my job a couple of years ago, I have spent every day since living in fear of being in that position again. But this past week, after talking to a few people and realizing that I have built up a marketable set of skills, I’m not afraid anymore.

What has happened because of that lack of fear is extraordinary. I have been able to tackle bigger problems, I’ve found true annoyances and figured out how to deal with them and I’ve been able to enact things that I know to be good sense in business.

Decisions by committee? Out. I was hired to do a job because people had faith that I would do it well so I’m exercising that autonomy.

Quiet reverence? Goodbye. I have a reputation. Be it good or bad, it is my own and I will own it in turn.

Humility related to product? Nope. We have built something amazing. Either get in or get out of the way.

I had similar realizations, though more directed at myself rather than my career, when I turned 30. Now, six years later, I am finally growing up when it comes to my professional life.

There’s a somewhat ridiculous amount of freedom when you finally realize that you’re the one holding yourself back and you decide to get out of your own way. As we close out this week, take a few minutes to figure out what scares you, and then take a few more to push those fears aside.

You can thank me on Monday.


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