The Utter Failure of my Windows 8.1 Upgrade

I have a Lenovo machine that I use for heavy lifting, because my daily-driver MacBook Air just won’t cut it. With the release of Windows 8.1 I was fairly excited to see the new changes, so I clicked the Upgrade button, expecting all would go well.

Let’s compare the process between upgrading OS X and what I’ve experienced thus far for Windows 8.1, shall we?

OS X - Open App Store, click the purchase button, download, install, reboot.

Windows 8.1 - Open the marketplace, click the button, download, prepare for installation, reboot, begin installation, verify installation, hang, blue screen, reboot, hang, blue screen, reboot, revert to previous installation, reboot.

Attempts two through eight (so far) have been largely the same, minus the necessity to re-download the file. Given that I have a laptop that is literally 3 months old, I have a hard time believing that it’s a hardware issue. I have, however, checked with Lenovo and nobody seems to know why there are problems.

I’ve installed the 8.1 drivers for all of my major devices and systems, I’ve completely reverted to a clean install of Windows 8, I’ve even gone so far as to try to find where the 8.1 download is located just in case it is corrupt so that I can delete it. I’ve had no luck in this search.

Let’s assume for a moment that it’s a hardware issue. This is Android versus iOS all over again. If Microsoft has to make sure that its system updates work across all devices, we can forget about ever having system updates again. That doesn’t seem like a reasonable explanation to me, but every error that I’ve seen thrown is pointing to hardware compatibility problems. How is this possible in a 3 month old laptop? Your guess is as good as mine.

So here I sit, on a Friday afternoon, running the DiskPart utility from a USB drive containing Windows 7. I’ve given up on Windows 8. I’m completely dumbfounded by how the process can be this bad.

Good riddance, 8. Let’s hope that the installation of 7 goes a little bit better.


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