Understanding iOS vs Android Market Differences

I used to hold an A+ certification. I wanted to eventually get my MCSE and CCNA. I used to care about hardware and specs a lot. Then I stopped.

To many, the very talk of specs has become tiresome. We’re in a pretty different world, and most of us care about meaningful metrics. Does it suck? Is it great? Is it better or worse than something else? These are the questions that many of us want answered.

Then there’s the other half:

Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 2.10.41 PM.jpg

Your die-hard Android fan? Chances are that they care deeply about specs. And that’s OK. It takes all kinds.

I cared whether or not something worked well. If specs were the underlying cause of it working well, then that was great, but I didn’t really care about the numbers. I wanted to know if it sucked, if it was great, if it was better or worse than something else.

I would venture to say that a good majority of Apple fans have similar concerns. I honestly couldn’t tell you what components are in the 4th-generation iPad, but I do know that it’s faster than my 3rd-generation one so it will work better. The new Mac Mini? I know it’s faster and better than the last one.

The very fact that discussions such as the one picture above (from the comments on The Verge’s review of the new Nexus 4) are happening should be enough to let you know that we’re talking Mars and Venus when it comes to die-hard Android fans versus their iOS-loving counterparts. We’re different animals. We care about different things. I can’t imagine any forum in the world where Apple fans are talking about prying apart their phones to increase the storage capacity without any sort of irony.

It’s these very same differences that show the stupidity of the back-and-forth fanboy word fights. It’s much like the currently-polarizing talk of the election here in the US. No matter how many times you call someone a mouth-breathing idiot you’re not going to get them to change their vote. It’s like standing in the door of your house, claiming to be welcoming while brandishing a shotgun pointed at their crotch. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Buy whatever phone you want. Use it how you want. Leave other people out of your decisions. Choice is good. Without it, as many in both camps seem to desire, it’s just another day of having the status quo shoved firmly down your throat. Nobody got time for that either.


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