Why is GoToMeeting being a scumbag?

I thought that we were past the days of keyword stuffing and cheap tricks to build our business. But apparently that’s exactly what GoToMeeting is doing. Proof? Look here:

Google search for MeetingBurner

There’s simply no denying what GoToMeeting is doing here. They’ve bought ads against the MeetingBurner keyword. While that’s common practice, the fact that they chose to deliberately mislead people by saying “Meeting Burner Software” in the ad is nothing short of stupidity.

I’ve been a fan of what the MeetingBurner team has been doing for quite some time. I’ve written about them on TNW on a couple of occasions. So when one of their people sent me a screenshot of the misleading ad, I had to check it out for myself.

The original ad, as it was sent to me, was even worse.

Here's what was sent to me

For MeetingBurner it’s actually a good sign. It means that GoToMeeting is feeling the heat, or at the very least sees MeetingBurner as enough of a threat to try to advertise against them.

For GoToMeeting, it’s inexcusable. It’s dirty and cheap. They deserve to lose customers for being deliberately misleading.

If you still have to do online meetings and want to try MeetingBurner, do this:

…for the next 72 hours, any GoToMeeting user, past or present, who emails [email protected] will get a 30-day trial to compare our platform to theirs, plus a special discount should they agree that our platform is, far and away, the superior option.

I agree. It’s a much better option.


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