Your Marketing Team Has a Customer Service Problem

First off, apologies for the radio silence for a few months. Turns out that this whole “I have a job to do” thing takes up a lot of time.

There are a lot of traditional benchmarks for great marketers. The impact that a marketing department can have on a company is positively huge. But I think that many organizations are ignoring a bigger piece of the puzzle. They’re hiring marketers who don’t have a passion for customer service and that’s killing their brand.

Marketers are tasked with walking this line between being the voice of the company and simultaneously trying to think like the customer. It’s not an easy balance to keep. It’s far more simple to take one side or the other, but allowing that to happen is a potentially fatal flaw for the business.

People with a passion for customer service exhibit incredible amounts of empathy. They know how a customer will feel and they craft their interactions based on that. They understand what it takes to build long-term, trusting relationships because that’s what will help to bolster customer loyalty.

Now take those characteristics and apply them to marketing. Every single point holds true. As companies, we simply can’t continue on the path of marketing that we’ve seen in years past. Lie to a customer just once and you’ve potentially ruined a relationship forever. Fail to deliver on a promise? Good luck ever getting that customer to engage with you again.

Great marketers have a passion for great customer service.

They have an innate understanding of how the customer feels. They know how customers will react to different messaging and what the customer wants. They know that it’s imperative for the brand to see itself as its customers will, so they can step back from the Kool-Aid to make certain that it happens.

They’re incredibly “human” compared to the fast-talking salespeople who made up marketing departments in the past.

No matter what stage of growth your company is at, take a look at your marketing people. Do they genuinely care about your customers? Will they go to bat against bad product decisions? Are they keeping you honest?

If not, why not?


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